ANWR Group

100 years of future
100 years ANWR

Since the foundation of our cooperative, we have experienced many exciting moments with our partners. Moments that have brought us forward on the road to the future.

We have looked in archives, talked with companions and characters from past and present and gradually uncover 100 magic moments for you.

Accompany the ANWR GROUP through 100 years of future!

Moments 91-100

Experience in the tenth constellation how we celebrated our anniversary in Hamburg extensively and befitting our status!

Moments 81-90

In the ninth constellation you can find out, among other things, how we sent shoes to celebrities!

Moments 71-80

In the eighth constellation you can find out, among other things, how we shape the market of tomorrow with the ANWR Future Forum.

Moments 61-70

In the seventh constellation you can find out, among other things, how we developed the first marketing concepts.

Moments 51-60

In the sixth constellation you can find out, among other things, how we set up our new headquarters in Mainhausen.

Moments 41-50

In the fifth constellation you can learn something about "shoe reliability" or the fusion between Ariston and NORD-WEST-RING.

Moments 31-40

In the fourth constellation you can learn about our difficult years during the Second World War.

Moments 21-30

In the third constellation you will learn, among other things, how the merger between NORD-WEST and RING-SCHUH came about.

Moments 11-20

In the second constellation you will learn, among other things, how the Ariston and the RING-SCHUH were founded.

Moments 1‑10

In the first constellation you will learn, among other things, how NORD-WEST and our own bank were founded.

Discover more moments of our history every week!

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